Scale Leadership, Inc.
...Help to Grow Your Business

Our Mission: Improve your company’s bottom line by creating and implementing a growth strategy for your business.

Carole McCabe founded Scale Leadership, Inc. because she sees the opportunity to help entrepreneurs and executives at small to mid-size companies grow by following a simple strategy and plan that has worked for large companies everywhere.

THE STRATEGY: Focus, Plan, Deliver, Measure, Repeat. (See Our Approach for details)

THE FIRST STEP: Get some help to do this. Your company is moving full speed every day to keep a million things moving. Take a step back for a minute, and engage with someone who has experience leading others to implement this strategy. Carole has had success doing this for the past twenty-three years at a very large company that was once very small, and has worked in all areas of people, process and technology.

THE RESULT: Your bottom line will improve! Part of the process in working with Scale Leadership is that we will work together to agree upon a goal and a measure of success for each engagement. You will see results. We will work together in an environment of my personal beliefs:

  1. Positive attitudes win over negative attitudes every time.
    “Be a Tigger, not an Eyeore.”
  2. Hard work matters, and getting things done must result from it.
  3. Communication and strong relationships are the keys to continued success.
  4. Be smart.
Have a Positive Attitude!